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Live Femdom cams with very strict Mistresses waiting to dominate, degrade and humiliate you on webcam. Cbt, sissy, JOI and live BDSM cams shows with free initial training. Enter a live session now and start your journey into the world of power and dominance. With female domination and a world of destruction, our Mistresses know exactly how to punish and deliver the ultimate in live training.

Slave Contracts

Are you ready to be on a lifestyle contract?

Blackmail fantasy webcam scenario contracts

Chastity perhaps?

sissy humiliation online – with a twist?

Even ownership coupled with financial domination

These BDSM Mistresses want to control you

These Mistresses want to control every single area of your life. You will not see the world as you did once before. They want to be your world and all you should ever be concerned about is serving them properly.

Obeying them and keeping to your signed and agreed contract at all times. As a slave, your job is to keep the female happy, acknowledge she is in control, and accept your place in her world.

We read all sorts of new stories in the media about Mistresses and what they get up to online and their lifestyle and for some slaves that is of interest, to know how to worship your superior is always the best way ahead when dealing with anything to do with BDSM. Click here for more femdom Mistress Cams

These femdom cams are the best way to learn your place

That is why our Live femdom cams are always the way ahead first but there are also some great books on the subject, for example, the femdom experience which is full of information about living as a slave from the bottom and always looking up to your mistress/master.

Over on our fantastic strict domination site where we have females waiting right now to put you smartly into your place. From demanding you strip and stand to attention for inspection, demanding you wank in front of them, testing how fast you can masturbate and then laughing as they deny you the pleasure of cum.

If you are ready to reach out and find a dominatrix and ready for her to train you then step inside our live dungeon and begin that journey of worship and adoring the queen/ goddess.

There is just so much to learn when using these types of online rooms, from full submission to living the lifestyle to just testing the waters, all types of slaves are welcome, you only have to enter the rooms and view the online Dominas who are waiting and yes some of them are in live dungeons with all the equipment and if you are lucky they may have a slave with them so as they can show you what they would be doing to you. Find your cruel Femdom cams session by clicking the links on our site

If this scares you or thrills you and you want to learn more or dabble more then head on over to our online rooms now and see for yourself, we have thousands of different dominants waiting to chew you up and spit you back out again.

They all enjoy fetish and taboo and they just thrive so much on abusing and using Kinky people. Wearing dark lipstick and black eyeliner you can see straight away that these women mean business. Get ready to view the best dominatrix chat rooms and see for yourself how our online fetish models interact in a live session

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Live  BDSM webcam chats featuring serious Mistresses who love humiliation and domination with live slave training.

Our Mistresses are waiting to Dominate you

Ready for BDSM cam training?

Ready to be a sissy slut cum slave?

Ready for edgeplay and orgasm control?

Men need to be kept in line. Too much testosterone makes them think they are macho. They need to be brought down to where they belong. Beneath the heel of a beautiful, dominant woman.

And the ideal place to get this discipline is on a live webcam. There are dozens of strict, demanding females online who will not hesitate to bring you down a peg or two.

These no-nonsense Dommes will reduce you to nothing with cutting comments about your cock size, cruel laughter and sadistic demands.

Maybe they’ll have you beat your cock black and blue with a ruler or wooden spoon? Or perhaps they’ll have you dress up like a little sissy maid?

Or maybe make you stand and listen as they rip your penis size to shreds and reduce you to tears right there in front of them on a live webcam.

It doesn’t matter what form of discipline you need. On this cam site, there are more than enough powerful women to fit the bill.

Our slave training cams are always available for cbt training, teasing and denial, chastity control and blackmail as well as foot worship and humiliation.

Our ladies enjoy every aspect of abusing weak fearful men. So whenever you feel you are ready to begin a journey into bondage and discipline online then be sure to enter our live rooms right now. We have evil females online who have every aspect of being controlled and the full power they get from vulnerable men who need to be brought into line by our evil women of the mistress world.

We have evil females online who are addicted to every aspect of being in full control with the full power they get from vulnerable men who need to be brought into line by evil, strong women.

From black domination to Femdom Female power of teen Mistresses. And from mom-dom to dominant wives there is a selection of femdom Mistress here who will make your subservience a reality.

They take no bull, no macho BS and they make sure all males know their place. Naturally dominant and with a wicked, sadistic sense of humour, whichever Mistress you choose to have a live webcam session with will reduce you to tears yet leave you eager to come back.

It’s because men like you know only too well that females are the superior sex and no matter how much abuse, how much ridicule and how much pain they send your way, you’ll always continue to come back for more.

Because you’re a pathetic, snivelling little male and all your good for is being a toy to your superior Goddess. These amazing mistresses have some of the best tasty nipples  and they know exactly how to tease you with them

So stop wasting time and get your sorry ass into a live BDSM cam session.

You want it, need it and deserve it

Get ready for her to crack that whip, bend you over and declare just how you have become her weak useless pathetic little subby. She will continue to use and abuse you at all times and laugh in your face as she spits at you and degrades you. Be prepared for evil females and mean bitches who enjoy causing misery to all those who do not do as they say.

She will continue to use and abuse you at all times and laugh in your face as she spits at you and degrades you. Be prepared for evil females and mean bitches who enjoy causing misery to all those who do not do as they say.

If you are ready to get on your knees and obey your mistress

Then click the links and begin your cam slave training today, when you step inside the lion’s den you will be met with a fierce-looking female in leather and black lipstick and huge high heels smoking and holding a whip waiting to pounce on her little prey

Looking for femdom chat online? then check out the best femdom chats for real slave training

What is a BDSM Mistress? 

Let’s just talk about that a bit.  A Mistress, Goddess or Dominatrix is, a dominatrix is a woman who takes the dominant role in BDSM activities. A Mistress might be of any sexual orientation, but her orientation does not necessarily limit the genders of her submissive partners.

The role of a dominatrix may not even involve physical pain toward the submissive; her domination can be verbal, involving humiliating tasks, or servitude.

A Mistress is typically paid as a professional.  In today’s era, that is all over the internet now.  Mistress, Goddess or Dominatrix, whichever you decided to call her, you can pay for those shows on webcam!

Let’s chat about some of the most popular fetishes when it comes to being controlled by a Mistress.

Firstly, I have to say from my experience it’s definitely, humiliation.  There are plenty of fetishes wrapped into humiliation such as small penis humiliation, cuckold, toilet slave, financial slave, verbal humiliation, cum eating instructions, and diaper slave.

I think you know where there is going.  The list goes on and on.

It’s really all about the relationship and her client.  He may love to get financially abused.

When his Mistress, tells him to hand over $100 for her time because she deserves new shoes.  He owes it to her, she deserves it, because she has to look at his ugly, pathetic face.  He has to pay her because nobody else wants him.  He needs to be his Mistress’s pet, otherwise, he is nothing. Does it sound crazy?  Maybe to some, but to me it’s the norm.  It’s a fetish lifestyle and this is what some enjoy I say go for it!

Now let us discuss the positive part about cam-to-cam sex with you Mistress for your personal BDSM ideas for the session.  For starters, it doesn’t matter if she is a female, a shemale or black.  None of this matters.  You will get your chance to be humiliated in a one-on-one setting.

Cam-to-cam sex shows and even Indie Skype shows are becoming more and more popular.  It keeps both the webcam model and the client safe and also secret.

Most men or women who interact with webcam sites and fetish sites to boot certainly do not want to be frowned upon or looked at as freaks.  It is basically a safe little world.  Well, it is as safe as you want it.  You want to be humiliated, beaten and tortured, well that’s all in good fun and the point of your entire BDSM fetish right?  I say go for it!

Welcome to the world of BDSM, Fetish Camming, She-Males, Ebony Cams, and BBW, there is something for everyone!

Cam Humiliation Tasks

The type of webcam humiliation shows you can expect to get are verbal humiliation. Made to dress up and suck cock for your Dominatrix, made to work on a webcam and earn money for your new owner.

Forced cum eating, forced feminization, cuckold scenarios, covering your body in nasty words using thick ink markers or lipstick. Some may make you pee and drink it, or go outdoors for some public humiliation. No matter the scenario these online Dommes like to take pictures and videos and threaten to blackmail you so that they can always ensure they get what they want from you, cock and ball torture, faggot humiliation, spanking, fetishes, findom, Joi, edge play, strapon& pegging the list goes on

More Bdsm MistressChats

Our online Dommes enjoy most things in their online slave training from BDSM tasks to making sure their slaves sign the slave contract as well as the slave register. You will be collared and branded, you will be owned and serve only your no1 Mistress.

They will be looking to do cock and ball torture sessions with you, strapon training, cum eating instructions, jerk-off instructions as well as edge play, ruined orgasms, forced milking and ballbusting.

Perhaps you need to be spanked, chained, and restrained with some kinky bondage thrown in. Perhaps you need to be trained to suck cocks properly, forced to eat other REAL MEN’S cum loads.

These are just some of the types of webcam shows you can expect to receive in our online slave training webcam shows.